Spread of Customs Law and International Trade, in a wide sense, in order to spread that knowledge in all the enterprise levels and Public Administrations.


The Foundation for the Spread of Knowledge and the Customs Law was created with the purpose to promote and fulfill the continuous objectives:

  • Develop and promote training.
  • Education and investigation in the field of the international trade and Customs Law.
  • Spread and develop good customs practices.
  • Create high studies programs related to Customs Law and international trade.

These objectives are worked up in two action lines:

Training. It is materialized by:

  • Organizing training workshops for those interested on an in-depth study of the International Trade and Customs regulation.
  • Organizing courses, seminaries, conferences and other kind of activities for spread the knowledge in the trade of International Trade and Customs Law.
  • Doing postgraduate courses, diploma or other high studies in the trade of International Trade and Customs Law.
  • Awarding of maintenance grants for training in the trade of Customs Law and International Trade.
  • Book sale or other sale of teaching material.

Investigation. It defines through:

  • Promotion, creation and development of investigation groups in the trade of Customs Law.
  • Elaboration of studies or reports in the trade of Customs Law and International Trade.
  • Elaboration of specific reports for companies, private individuals or public or private institutions or corporations.


The Patronage is the governance and representative body of the Customs Foundation, which has the obligation to fulfil the Customs aims and manage the real states and rights that compose the Foundation. The patronage meets regularly in order to organize the necessary activities to follow and reach the objectives.

Honorary President of the Patronage

Ildefonso Sánchez González

President of the Patronage

Alejandro Arola García


Jesús Otero Rebollo

Carlos Arola García

No patronage Secretary

Víctor Guarch Ibáñez

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